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2004-06-02 - 9:23 p.m.

Ms. Homemaker paging Lola

mmm where was I? oh, new orleans. yeah. i'll finish quickly. after brunch we ran through the streets singing songs and doing gags. it was funny (to us. probably not to the other people.) we waded in a fountain, humped an alligator, yadda. then we went to goodbye-drinks for the wedding, which was nice. i love being drunk over a nice 5-hour span on a sunday afternoon! then a fantastic dinner (i had filet mignon with bernaise--too good). next we went to a bar known for its mechanical bull. i rode twice, for thirty seconds each time, and didn't fall off OR put my second hand down. i was quite proud of my OKIE roots about then. i ache still, in the thighs and the arm that was holding on.

so that was about it for new orleans. it was a blast. i want to go back and take the man. but it was really a great trip without him. more wild and just fun to make about 6 new friends who i might hear from now and again.

it was totally better than this time in band camp...

so now it's wednesday night. i stayed home from work yesterday to see the doctor about my 50 bug bites. i was so scared they were fleas from courtney's dog, but just freak-nasty mosquitos. so all pumped full of MethylPrednisone and Allegra, I hit the jobby-job today. it was fine. busy as hell but not bad I suppose. the day flew by. and I only have two more to go this week! however getting docked two days on the paycheck is going to sting, especially after a short week last week. oh well. it's just money. i tell myself that all the time. at least i have the luxury of taking a day off now and again. i'll still be able to afford dinner.

i miss Lola. I called her just a few minutes ago and she didn't call back. i imagine she's my only reader. Lola!!! come to brooklyn. we'll eat at Panino'teca and have martini glasses of bubbly prosecco and cutting boards covered with sliced meats and cheeses and deviled eggs and the banana cake with vanilla icing and cinnamon ice cream (the BEST EVER.) i have been there three weeks straight. i'm totally obsessed. but the thing is, i get different things each time (except dessert) and everything's fan-frigging-tastic. so why don't you get in touch with me? you sound like you need a pick-me-up. my treat, just pick up zee phone.

today i had my second skirt-sewing class. it was cool. and i am the proud new owner of an old singer from the 70's! adam's mom brought it in while we were out of town for the weddings. i ordered the manual through and it's on its way. i'm going to be Miss Homemaker. j/k but i AM looking forward to lots of random projects...

hmmm i had a bit of leftover shwarma when i got in, but i'm still hungry. i hate evening classes 'cause it ruins my eating schedule. 9.30 is too late for a full dinner! shit, 8.00 is officially too late too. what now? a pecan praline and wine, methinks. i brought home a box of pralines from the airport and they're flying!

babble babble. and my wine store clerk hadn't heard of the rose that the OTHER clerk had recommended and i'd bought twice?! what's up with that? it was tasty and only 7.99. he sold me another for the same price. i'm sure it will do the trick.

ok, off to watch a stoner movie and...

love, J

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